Stupid, Stupid Self...

  1. So here's the story.
    I've been a RN for almost four years - I have some great friends at work, and on Sunday we got on the conversation of how I had recently gotten my nipple pierced.

    They wanted to know how it was, so I told them. One of the people talking to us was a 17 y/o patient. I wasn't even THINKING and showed them...I feel so foolish and stupid and just WASN'T USING MY HEAD.

    This morning my position was terminated for exposing my breast to a patient. My manager and DON told me that they are madated reporters and will be contacting the MO State BON.

    I feel SO stupid - this isn't anything like me. I just wasn't thinking - I've never made errors or had any disciplinary action taken against me. When I discussed what happened with a employee at the board, they said to go ahead and apply for another job.

    Do you think this is something that I'll have my license revoked for? I know it's serious - but I wasn't being malicious...just freaking STUPID.
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    That sucks, hope things work out.
  5. by   cnolan
    Thanks...anyone else? This is really stressing me out...
  6. by   Magsulfate
    I don't know what to say.. maybe you should get an attorney that deals with the board in your state. You know that you screwed up, but you still need someone on your side. .. Try posting this in the general forum.. this forum doesn't have much traffic,, start out saying something like.. "i posted this in the general forum so that more people could see it, and I would get more responses,. "..

    Good luck.
  7. by   llg
    I would be getting myself an attorney and take their advice.