student doing a report please help me answer these questions!!

  1. I am a Student and i am doing a report on Nurses for my Biology class and i need to know the following information if you would please help me

    1.Education needed and training
    2.Salary and What the Job Market is like
    3.A Job Description
    4.Histiry Of the Job
    5.Importance of the Job

    If you would please try to answer one of these question put the number by your response of the question you are answering so i will know thank you very much i've search all over the internet but some of thes answers i just can't answer so i thouht why not ask nurses so i am please help me!!
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  3. by   det01
    1. Depends on what you want to be...

    LPN - the school I am at has a year long program - but I am not sure if this is always true

    RN - you can go three diferent routes.
    Diploma - my program is 28 months - but it can vary
    This is done in a hospital program. It is not a

    ADN (Associates) - around 2 years
    This is usually done at a Community College.
    You get an Associates degree.

    BSN (Bachlors) - 4-5 years (or some schools have a
    12 month program if you already
    have a Bachlors degree in another
    This is usually done at a college
    or university. Some hospitals
    now have a BSN program.
    There are also several routes you can go in regards to
    post-bach education. Which one you pick determines
    how long that will take. There are too many to list here
    and I am not sure about the exact length of them.

    2. Salary varies greatly by state and even locations in the same state. However, RNs make more than LPNs and sometimes (not always) BSNs make more than ADN or diploma nurses. Of course, the people with post-bach degrees tend to make more as well. Your pay can also vary by what shift you work. For this question it might be good to narrow it down to your region of the US.

    The job market is pretty good. There is a shortage so there are job openings most (if not all) places you would want to live. You may not get the exact shift/floor you want - but you should be able to find a job.

    3. This is way to loaded a question. Nurses can have many different jobs. Also your level of education can affect what your job description is. It would be easier to help on this if you said what kind of nurse you want to be. The one thing that is common of all nurses that I can think of is patient care. (You might want to pist this question in the Genreal forum, in addition to here. Then a nurse can tell you his/her job descriptions instead of what is described in class)

    4. Dis you try searching on google? You should be able to find a wealth of information (hint - Nursing did not begin with Florence Nightingale - it can be traced way back before that - maybe not in its exact modern form - but it is there) You could also try the library.

    5. I think this is an individual thing. It is your assignment so I think you should decide why you think nurses are important. You could also ask people who have been in the hospital why they thought their nurse was important.
  4. by   skrainbow
    Like the previous post says, RN's can be Associate Degree-2yr or BSN-4yr. The pay is the same for new grads though.
    Salary can be anywhere between $18/hr-$40 depending on what part of the country you're in and how much experience you've had and in what area.
    There is a nursing shortage in most areas.
    Job description-depends again on what type of nursing you want to do. Many different specialties within a hospital or clinic, home health, hospice, skilled care facility, drs. office, industrial, working for pharmacutical companies, the list is endless. I work for hospice so I have to evaluate and anticipate pts. changing condition, work with drs, families, social workers, etc.
    History-check out Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton. There have always been nurses throughout history. We've recently (last 20yrs) been given credit for what we do and greater responsibilies.
    Importance of the job-just ask anyone who's been in the hospital, who do they see the most, who is their link, their spokesman to the doctor. we are. Good luck.
  5. by   Toddbe
    There are also numerous schools that offer RN-to-BSN completion programs. So you can start with the ADN and continue your education. You will find my jobs that "perfer or require" a BSN.

    One great thing about nursing is the numerous type of jobs available. Direct pt care from med-surg to ER to cath Lab. The list is endless. Long term care, school nurse, Pre-op planning, etc. Wtih a masters teaching is an option. This is one of the only professions that you can completely change what you do and still use your schooling / education.
  6. by   NurseByChoice
    How is this different from asking a friend to write your paper for you? Do you have an honor code at your school? If there is, you're breaking it. Not to mention you are loosing your chance to develop critical thinking skills when you go about your assignments this way. If you can't do this assignment yourself, you can't do the next one and so on until you learn how to do it yourself. Take charge of your life--research it yourself.

    If you want to showcase a nurse's personal perspective in quotes, you can do that here. But the broad impersonal questions you are asking are meant to be researched from a variety of places and answered by you, citing the sources of that information.

    Here's a start for your research: American Nurses Association

    You'll find all the information and links you need there. Or just google the topics in your questions.

    Plagarism is more than copying words, it is copying ideas.
    Furthermore, critical thinking involves being able to evaluate and verify the sources of your information, so this is not the place to do it. I could tell you that anyone over the age of 16 can just take a 50 question online test to become an RN and you could believe me.

    Now go to a reliable source like the one above to find out if that is true.
  7. by   cadeusus2004
    I'm too old to be jumpting through any hoops anymore and have been in nursing too long to bore the socks off you.

    1. Jog security. Here you have it. Its the most needed. With my Boomer generation coming up, it'll figure in like a tidal wave.

    2. Salary: The Coastal Northeast and Northwest are up, the Midlands are down. The North is up and the South is down.

    3. A&P(8 cr), Chem I&II(8 cr), Micro (4 cr), Nutrition(3cr), Developmental Psych(3cr), Ethics (3 cr), Stats(4 cr), Eng I&II (6cr),
    Soc (3 or 6 cr), College Math (3 or 6 cr), Biology (4 cr), History (6 cr), Lit (3 or 6 cr) ans whatever else the school you apply to wants. Clears the way. (I majored in Physics and Thermodynamic Engineering. I didn't want to work in nuclear power plants. Hello, Nursing).

    4. After umpteen years (I'm almost 60) in Nursing, if someone asked me if I'd do it again, I'd have to say "Yes". But, if you are looking for easier work and can get it, more pay and can get it, less hassle and can get it, better security and can get it, and you don't have the fire in the belly that it takes to be a RN, please, please, please, go somewhere else. We are needy, not desperate.

    We have a saying: "There are two types of people who don't go into RN training; those who are too smart and those who are too stupid."
  8. by   ainz
    Wow!! Lighten up NurseBychoice!!

    However, your suggestion to visit is an excellent idea.

    1. At least an associate degree to be a RN.
    2. Average salary is around $45,000 per year. Demand is high for RNs.

    3. Job description's framework is based on the nursing process which includes 1)assessment: gathering and analyzing data and identifying patient problems 2)formulating goals for outcomes and interventions designed to achieve those outcomes which is the plan of care 3)implementing the plan of care 4)evaluating the effectiveness of the plan of care which leads you back to step 1 and the cycle repeats.

    4. Many books written on this--a long story.

    5. Job is very important. The need for nursing care by an RN is the only justification for a person to be in the hospital as an inpatient.