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  1. Hi all, I graduated with my BSN in spring. I've had a few hospital interviews but no offers. I'm really bad at talking about myself. I applied for a job in a post acute rehab. They offered it to me, and because it seemed like good hours, Day shift, so I took it. I have a 1 year old,so I thought I would be able to still have most of the afternoon with him. Well after a two week training, things are not what I expected. I have 25-30 patients. We have patients that have IVs, tube feedings, lots of complicated wound care, drains, dementia, a few hospice, tons of diabetic pts. If even one pt has a change in condition, it makes the day difficult. But I usually have at least 5 patients with changes in condition a shift. The cnas are understaffed too. It's too much, even the most experienced nurses there stay 2 hours late and still can't get everything done. I like the work I'm doing, I like providing nursing care, I just never get to eat lunch, I can't give the care I want or need to and I'm always running late to pick up my son from daycare. It's starting to burn me out already. They are chronically understaffed and have a high turnover. it's also been hard on my husband and son. I don't know if I should quit? Would that just make it even harder to get a hospital job? I was also thinking about asking to cut down to part time? I don't think they'd go for that, I've only been there a month. What should I do? I miss my family and I don't want burn out. and we don't need the full time salary, my husband makes enough for us to live on. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks
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  3. by   chris21sn
    If you do quit, I would advise you to not add that on your resume. They might question "why were you working for only a month." This might lead into other unintentional questions of "how is her work ethic" "how is her loyalty" "how is her stamina"

    So my advice? Try to keep working for as long as possible for at least 1 golden year.

    If doing an entire year is really not doable for you, I say just keep your job for now to pay the bills - then keep applying to hospitals. Be very proactive. Do at least 3 applications a day - mention your good points - and again don't mention this current job. Say you are a new grad, no experience looking for a position

    That's just my opinion. I tried my best to see it from your point of view! Hoped I helped a bit
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    Thanks for you advice. I really hope I don't have to stay there for a year. I'm going to try and stick it out until I find another job. But respectfully, I don't agree that lying is the way to go as I'm applying for other positions. I'm going to apply for some more residencies and hopefully find a job that I love.