Signed new grad contract (but not started) vs Better offer

  1. Hi!

    Like every other new grad, I was worried I would never get a job.

    I got offered a job by a big network hospital (hospital A) a couple of weeks ago so of course I took it. It's in a specialty unit but when I went to do HR paperwork, I had to sign a contract to work there 28 months or pay back $20K.

    Fast forward today, I got an offer from a not for profit hospital (hospital B) in a new grad residency Telemetry, no contract, better pay.

    I know hospital A is huge so I don't want to burn bridges. I haven't started - ie - no orientation yet. BUT, when I told my boyfriend about the contract, he said - "Why did you sign? What if you get in a car accident or get cancer? This contract says you have to work there for 2 years after your 4 months of training or pay back $20K regardless of if you quit or get fired."

    The difference in money is only $3/hr. I am less concerned about that than the contract and the learning environment.

    What do I do? I know how hard it is to get a job as a new grad. I feel grateful yet confused.

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  4. by   beekee
    I suppose you could go to a lawyer to see if you can get out of the contract, but barring that, it looks like Hospital A is where you will be working. Unless, of course, you have $20,000 to get out of it.
  5. by   gratefulnewRN
    The contract doesn't start until orientation day, therefore, I do not believe I would be responsible for the $20k. I'm just afraid that if I don't start there, if perhaps one day in the future I want to apply for a job with that hospital chain, they would blacklist me. It's a lot of "if" I know, but that's why I'm asking.

    I consider the pay equal, just don't know if a telemetry job in a more supportive environment not under a crazy contract is better or just to go with the specialty.
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  6. by   llg
    Assuming that the contract hasn't started yet and you are able to get out now without paying a penalty ... I would take the job you prefer and have faith that I would survive if things didn't go well. But then, I hate the idea of working under such a contract so much that I would probably have never signed it in the first place.

    Before skipping out on the contract, I would talk to an attorney to make sure I would not be obligated to pay the penalty. I would not assume that without checking.

    On another note, I find it interesting that you signed your life away for over 2 years without first discussing it with your boyfriend. I take it that the relationship is not serious? Did you discuss it with anyone ... such as your parents? ... and attorney? etc.