Signed new grad contract (but not started) vs Better offer

  1. Hi!

    Like every other new grad, I was worried I would never get a job.

    I got offered a job by a big network hospital (hospital A) a couple of weeks ago so of course I took it. It's in a specialty unit but when I went to do HR paperwork, I had to sign a contract to work there 28 months or pay back $20K.

    Fast forward today, I got an offer from a not for profit hospital (hospital B) in a new grad residency Telemetry, no contract, better pay.

    I know hospital A is huge so I don't want to burn bridges. I haven't started - ie - no orientation yet. BUT, when I told my boyfriend about the contract, he said - "Why did you sign? What if you get in a car accident or get cancer? This contract says you have to work there for 2 years after your 4 months of training or pay back $20K regardless of if you quit or get fired."

    The difference in money is only $3/hr. I am less concerned about that than the contract and the learning environment.

    What do I do? I know how hard it is to get a job as a new grad. I feel grateful yet confused.

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  4. by   beekee
    I suppose you could go to a lawyer to see if you can get out of the contract, but barring that, it looks like Hospital A is where you will be working. Unless, of course, you have $20,000 to get out of it.
  5. by   gratefulnewRN
    The contract doesn't start until orientation day, therefore, I do not believe I would be responsible for the $20k. I'm just afraid that if I don't start there, if perhaps one day in the future I want to apply for a job with that hospital chain, they would blacklist me. It's a lot of "if" I know, but that's why I'm asking.

    I consider the pay equal, just don't know if a telemetry job in a more supportive environment not under a crazy contract is better or just to go with the specialty.
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  6. by   llg
    Assuming that the contract hasn't started yet and you are able to get out now without paying a penalty ... I would take the job you prefer and have faith that I would survive if things didn't go well. But then, I hate the idea of working under such a contract so much that I would probably have never signed it in the first place.

    Before skipping out on the contract, I would talk to an attorney to make sure I would not be obligated to pay the penalty. I would not assume that without checking.

    On another note, I find it interesting that you signed your life away for over 2 years without first discussing it with your boyfriend. I take it that the relationship is not serious? Did you discuss it with anyone ... such as your parents? ... and attorney? etc.
  7. by   Blondekristi
    I started working nights on a busy tele unit 2.5 years ago. I survived this far, and have now moved to ICU. During this time, we have had HUGE turnover... most of our experienced nurses went to days, management, clinics, or like me, to ICU. I feel so bad for the new nurses because they have basically no resource people on nights. We all signed contracts saying we'd stay 2 years after initial hire. Talk to your managers. Many, many new grads who started on our tele unit over the last year have left after only a few months on the job. It happens!! I wouldn't be too worried, especially since you haven't started. I would tell your manager job B works better for your family or some other life related excuse and make sure to tell them how much you appreciate the offer. You might be surprised how nice they are. I would not worried about being blacklisted or anything like that. Like I said, just talk to them and be as genuine as you can. Good luck!