Should I leave my current job for one closer to home?

  1. Hello everyone I have a question I started my new grad postion on a great med/surg floor ina very prestigious hospital about an hour, hour and half away from my house, love the floor and the people but hate the commute especially after working the night shift. My question is I was offered a job at my local hospital about 8 minutes away from my house on a oncology floor.I dont want to burn any bridges, but the commute is a killer. I am torn between sticking it out a little bit longer but afraid this job near my home might not be available when i am ready to leave. I have been at my current job six months. The experience I am currently getting is amazing, but the extra three hours a day is tough. Any thoughts? I am also wondering about the transition from a surgical floor to oncology. thanks!
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    If the pay is comparable, I'd probably make the switch. Just be profession in giving notice and honest as to why you are. I doubt very much that would burn a bridge unless you are under contract.
  4. by   lolamorern
    Thank you I'm not under contract and plan on giving 30 days notice. Thank you for responding!
  5. by   sherrynichols
    I commuted an hour one way every day to a well known hospital. I loved my job, the ppl I worked with, and my boss. I transferred to a local community hospital 13
    min. Away from my home and have hated it for the 2 yrs I have been there. It's been difficult trying to transfer back to the bigger hospital. I would really reconsider and weigh the pro's and con's before going somewhere else.
  6. by   Bec7074
    I don't think the transition would be hard at all. Sometimes small hospitals surprise you with what you learn! I know this from experience. If it were me, I would not drive that far, but that's just me.