Should I Follow Up?

  1. I had a correctional panel interview last week. The DON verbally told me that I would be moving forward in the hiring process. I have yet to hear anything from HR. I emailed HR earlier this week to follow up but they didn't respond. Should I call before the week ends?

    I turned down a job offer last week after the correctional interview because of what the DON said. I know that wasn't smart but I wasn't too thrilled about the job anyway. The dumb thing I DID do was cancel a care manager interview on Tuesday because of hopes that I'll be moving forward in the correctional process. If you can't tell I REALLY want the corrections position.

    I interviewed for corrections 4-5 years ago and received notification the same day that I'd be moving forward so that's why I'm unsure now even though that was a long time ago and I'm sure things have changed. This is also a local govt position so they'll let me know either way whether yay or nay. Just not sure if I should contact HR again since they didn't respond the first time.
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