Science and Nursing Student???

  1. hi everyone,

    i'm a pre-nursing student and i'm 22yrs old. i 1st decided to go into nursing because of all of the options that comes with the career since i'm a person who loves variety. also the great experiences and change i would make in people's lives daily. but their is one problem.... i'm taking intro to a&p now. i find it very hard at times to study since i just think the information is boring. many times i have to make myself study. i know before i can become a ns i have to take science courses like; a&p1 and 2, microbiology, pharm and patho. i don't want to jump into a career that later i would not like and be unhappy with. also if i have to make myself study information that i find boring am i cheaping myself of my education? were any of you like this when you were pre- nursing students? or am i just going through a moment of confussion? i have also thought about going to school for psychology or social work. i enjoy mental science more so than the human body. can anyone give me some advise? please tell me that nursing isn't all boring science. i think i would enjoy mirco,patho,and pharm much more.

    thanks for all the advice....
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  3. by   llg
    I understand how you feel. I never particularly cared for those subjects, either. Fortunately for me, the program I went to (did not require) those classes as prereq's. We took some of that content integrated into our program as part of our nursing studies. You don't have to like those classes to like nursing. I find that I learn what I need to know to take care of the patient because I care about the patient. Studying some of that stuff in a "disembodied" way does nothing for me. My advice is: Do what you need to do to get a decent grade, then move on to where you can focus on the stuff that interests you most.

    Like you, I chose nursing because of the variety it offers. There are so many roles and possibilities within nursing, that you should be able to find something that suits you. Sometimes, though, you have to endure the less pleasant stuff for a while along the way. Unfortunately for some people, they don't have the persistence to stick it out. But those who do, can develop a career for themselves that will suit their needs and preferences.

    Good luck to you,
  4. by   reebok
    Sounds like you will be in Psych Nursing.