1. I am 20 years old and currently in a community college taking some basic courses(my first semester). What type of schooling is needed to pursue a nursing career? I know there are sperate nursing colleges (at least I think there are) when do you attend one of those. I am interested in being a OB/GYN nurse, but that may change in time. How long do you go to school to became a nurse I know it would be different times for different types of nurses, but what is the avg.? Thanks everyone and I will be looking forward to hearing your replies.
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  3. by   hollykate
    Usually the nursing school is attached or affiliated with a community college or university. There are a few diploma Programs out there, but they are few and far between these days. Becoming a registered nurses generally takes about 3-4 years. The associates degree program clinicals are two years, and you usually take prerequisites (anatomy, physiology, chem) in the year prior to entering the program. A BSN program gives you a university degree- and you generally spend two years taking pre-requisites and university requirements (foreign language, history, and what not). Your last two years at university are usually spent in clinicals. Each school is slightly different and has different requirements. I would suggest going to a counselor at the school you are at now, they will be able to help you choose appropriate classes now, and help you to apply to the programs in your area. Good Luck.