RN of 9 years, no specialty, in a rut...

  1. Sooo...I'm stuck. Graduated my class, 3rd from the top; passed my board in 82 questions . Went directly to the Neurosurgical ICU, was there for a year, and learned a lot, but ultimately left because I became afraid of making a mistake that could cost someone their life. Bounced around in psych, and homecare, before landing in corrections. I liked homecare, as I LOVE wound care, but as a male, became uncomfortable entering the homes of unattended females (yes, I know "they" say my license will protect me, but in this day and age, I have a hard time believing that a first year law student could not dance around that). Entered corrections, and have worked in county jails, and Max Prisons such as Attica, and Wende. Interesting nursing, but (at the risk of sounding melodramatic) I began to feel it was darkening my soul. I have had great difficulty transitioning back to "outside" nursing, as it does tend to be much different than any other type that I have been involved in. Currently,
    I find myself working at a physicians office as a telephone triage nurse; pretty sweet gig as far as nursing goes, but listening to children and infants scream, and worse, beg not to get immunizations is too much - and thought of having to administer causes a physical reaction I've never felt before - and I have played onstage in front of 20000, or as a martial arts competitor. I know all about how "it would be if they didn't get get the shots", as I lived in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, as a kid, and witnessed horrific conditions.
    So I'm at a point where I need to change, or enhance my situation. My preference would be to do Wound Care, but I need a BSN to sit for any certification that I know of. The simple solution is to go back to school, but I cannot afford it, and make too much to qualify for any assistance. At 54, I simply cannot take out a student loan, and we are "cashers" (we don't use credit cards), that homeschool two teens (as such, my wife works p/t).
    I'm not a social person, so I don't network, or hang out with other nurses, bringing me, hat in hand, to be dissected in this forum.
    I throw myself on the mercy of this forum...please be gentle-ish, lol.
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  3. by   teatimeofthesoul
    I live in a medium sized city in the Midwest. We have several wound clinics here, and they do not require a BSN. I admire your search to find a job that speaks to you. I believe that you will find something that is better suited to you. Good Luck!
  4. by   Knotanoonurse
    What about getting a job at a wound care company? They have people who do all kinds of jobs. As far as the BSN...what about the WGU program? If you could focus and finish quickly you may be able to get the BSN and have that extra advantage. You deserve to be happy.
  5. by   caliotter3
    As PP said, I would definitely look into WGU for a doable answer to the education situation.
  6. by   BTempleton
    Thank you All. I did look into it, but again, as with all schooling, it's an up front cost that in essence will take food out of my kids' mouths. Definitely a deal breaker. I'm not eligible for any scholarships, that I could see.
    As far as Wound care companies go, those jobs are few, and hard to come by. I was almost hired by one of the companies, but had to turn down the offer, as "Full time hours" were not exactly that.
    Thank you for your time, and positive thoughts!
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