Returning to Workforce...Need Help!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I graduated in San Francisco with an ASN in 1994 but never took my boards, I worked in nurse externships, cna positions etc...then left the nursing profession completely 7 years ago to reap the rewards of the hi-tech boom and sow my wild oats. Now I'm settled down in FL and want to return to nursing, but I need to refresh my skills and education to take the NCLEX. Does anyone have advice on where to start? Would taking an NCLEX review course or reading the study guide be enough? What about my skills? They're a little rusty, but do I need a clinical refresher there even such a thing?

    I'm in the Tampa Bay area (Clearwater)

    Anyone else had the same situation?

    Thank you all, I really appreciate it.

    - Laura
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  3. by   suzanne4
    A refresher course will actually not work for you since you have never taken boards at all.

    My suggestion would be to contact the BON in Florida to see what their requirements will be for you. I am sure that they will want you to take some courses again since it has been over ten years since you graduated from school, and have never held a license.

    Good luck to you................
  4. by   krisssy
    I am returning to nursing also. I would suggest taking a course or buying a book to study for the boards. Then after you become licensed, there are many refresher courses given by local colleges and sometimes by hospitals. I took a refresher RN course at a local college, and it was great. Make sure the course has enough clinicals. My course allowed me to pass meds with my instructor's supervision, and I think that was important for me. The hospital where I did my clinicals offered me a job, and it has been longer than 10 years that I have been away from nursing. You can just go online and do a search for nurse refresher courses in your area and/or check local colleges and hospitals. Of course, you have to study for the boards and pass them first like Suzanne said. Refresher courses only take licensed nurses. It is really exciting to return to nursing. Good luck to you.
  5. by   shortcut
    Thank you....I didn't realise I needed to be licensed to take a refresher course. No problem, I've got the NCLEX review book...I'm not worried about the written test, just my outdated skills....but I'll worry about getting licensed first
  6. by   suzanne4
    Please check with your Board of Nursing, since you have never held a license in any state, and it has been more than ten years since you graduated, almost all will make you retake some of the classes.

    If you would have taken the NCLEX and gotten a license, but never used it, then you would qualify for the refresher course. But since you have not been licensed, you can not get refreshed.

    Sorry, I know it is a Catch-22 situation, but best bet is to contact your BON. Each have different requirements.