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  1. Hi All!

    Let me start off by saying I absolutely love my current job. Love my coworkers, the MD, and all (ok, most) of our patients. Unfortunately, my current job is 1500 miles away from the person I absolutely love the most (my fiance). After spending 1.5 years apart so I could get experience as a new grad, I'm revamping my resume and cover letter... Any and all comments, suggestions, constructive criticism is welcome.

    Thanks AN Community!

    Cover letter:

    Dear Ms. A and Ms. B, (I have these Nurse Recruiters names)
    It is with great eagerness that I am applying for a position as a Registered Nurse with Surgical and Recovery Services at Hospital Medical Center in CITY. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from XX College in addition to a STATE Registered Nurse License.
    As a consistently detail-oriented nurse with the strong ability to multitask, I anticipate the operating room is an environment where I can thrive as a new addition to the Hospital Nursing team. My work as Nurse Supervisor at a busy pediatric primary care office has prepared me to be able to collaborate as a supportive and supervisory team member, and independently prioritize situations integrating critical thinking and good judgment. By working closely with an expert pediatrician, I have come to value effective communication skills in promoting quality patient care, respect, and team spirit in an organization.
    I recently participated in a complete transition to Allscripts Electronic Medical Records, and currently serve as the in-office resource for trouble-shooting and continuing training in system updates.
    I believe that a challenging environment such as the operating room will provide an excellent opportunity to both utilize and develop my skills while contributing to the CITY community. I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to discuss with you personally how my skills and strengths can best serve Hospital Medical Center. Thank you for your kind consideration of my application.


    BKC, RN, BSN

    Resume: (please excuse loss of formatting) Also, the volunteer service is at the same hospital to which I am now applying

    Registered Nurse Position with Surgical and Recovery Services at Hospital Medical Center in City


    Registered Nurse, Nursing Supervisor, XX COMPANY September 2010-present
    n Accurately triage acute situations, assess history of present illness, and provide patient teaching and care instructions for pediatric patients in office and via telephone
    n Obtain history of present illness, relevant past medical history, vital signs, and specimens for pediatric patients from 3 days to 25 years of age
    n Communicate assessments effectively with expert pediatricians and clinical staff
    n Perform and assist in a wide range of in-office procedures
    n Safely and appropriately delegate tasks to, and act as a resource for clinical and non-clinical staff
    n Assist in and provide trouble-shooting for the implementation of Allscripts Electronic Health Records

    Registered Nurse, XX Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Trial March 2011-present
    n Coordinate scheduling of research subjects with principle investigators
    n Maintain adverse event, concomitant medication, and vital sign logs
    n Collect specimens and perform ECGs according to IRB protocols
    n Accurately complete daily count and dispense Schedule II controlled substance under physician supervision

    Registered Nurse, XX Early Intervention July 2010-Sept 2010
    n Systematically assess growth and development of children ages birth to 3 years of age
    n Determine eligibility for Early Intervention services based on XX State guidelines
    n Provide and coordinate developmentally appropriate nursing care, speech, physical, and occupational therapy for eligible children and their families
    n Advocate for low income, medically fragile, and developmentally delayed children and families

    Volunteer, Hospital Medical Center, Child Life Services October 2009-June 2010
    n Provide developmentally appropriate activities for pediatric patients
    n Visit privately with pediatric patients confined to bed, room, or ICU
    n Assist Child Life Specialists in planning events and activities
    n Received ‘You Can Count On Me’ Award for Outstanding Reliability

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    XX College, City, State May 2009
    n Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, cum laude
    n Honors:
    3.6 Grade Point Average, Dean’s List
    Member of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, Alpha Chi Chapter
    Member of Golden Key National Honor Society
    Current Licensure
    n Registered Nurse – State1
    n Registered Nurse – State2
    n Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider
    n Pediatric Advanced Life Support
    n Multitasking ability without compromising with the quality of work
    n Superb organizational, interpersonal and communication skills
    n Eagerness to learn new techniques, skills, and procedures
    n Comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology, sterile technique, and medication administration
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  3. by   Yvette2946
    Hello to everyone here on this site. I need some advice or feedback if anyone has the time to look at my cover letter that I just wrote. I am an RN graduate with no prior experience except 2 years working as a medical tech for the Navy. I feel like it is ok for a first draft but don't know if it is what a nurse manager or HR is looking for, any thoughts??? Thank you for taking the time.

    Dear XXX:

    I am writing you today because of my sincere interest in becoming a nurse on your Medical-Surgical floor at XXX hospital. After researching many different hospitals in southern Florida your hospital caught my eye because of "XXX".

    I understand what it takes to be a successful nurse on a medical surgical floor and that is being able to prioritize, working with a multitude of patients, and being able to handle stressful situations with a clear mind. I know the importance of following protocol and working well with a team and within the chain of command. I have a sincere compassion for the wellbeing of my patients and a strong desire to not only learn but to eventually serve as a mentor and give back to others. What sets me apart from others is my strong work ethic, ambition, and drive for excellence which is why I believe I would make a valuable addition to your team.

    I want to thank you for taking the time to consider me as a candidate at XXX and I look forward to following up with you next week.

    Respectfully yours,

  4. by   Kiwi82
    I have a question....

    I'm waiting for my ATT to take my NCLEX-RN. I would like to "start to apply" for jobs... Should I do that? How? Should I contact a nurse recruiter directly (I've ssen emails on the hospital/medical center's website), with a cover letter and send my resume letting him/her know my situation and my eagerness to work in XXX hospital/medical center? Or...should I wait until I get my license?

    Please help! Thanks in advance.