Reported to BON for Patient Neglect

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,
    I have warning with stipulations on my License, will I ever get a job with that blemish on my license? Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can get a job.

    I got disciplined for leaving a patient who was sleeping with her older sister to get lunch from my car that was parked a few minutes away from the apartment where the patient was. The older sister told the mother on me and the mother called the office and reported to the office which called the BON and reported me for neglect.

    Nurse Beth please is there anyway I can ever come out of this or I should look for another career path? Can I ever get hired? The BON requires me to work take some classes and to work under supervision for a year before they will remove the warning from my license. I am so confused I don't even know what to do. Any suggestions/advise for me? I will really appreciate it.

    Dear Reported for Neglect,

    Many, many nurses get through stipulations on their license. Some have far more stringent restrictions for complaints far more serious than yours. Once you have met the requirements, the stipulations are removed.

    You ask if there is any way you can can come out of this. Yes, if you do exactly what the BON stipulates. It can take persistence on your part to find an employer willing to hire you with stipulations as it requires increased paper work on their part. But it's essential if you want to keep your license.

    The BON always looks for remorse and rehabilitation. Meaning you take full responsibility for your action and show that you have changed and will not repeat the mistake. Those important elements did not come through in your letter, my friend. The BON's job is to protect the public....not the nurse.

    You may have a better chance at small, sub-acute facilities or dialysis, that are willing to provide supervision (usually another RN in the facility). The reason is that larger facilities have a larger pool of applicants to choose from and choose to avoid the paperwork and risk imposed on employers.

    Consider contacting a nurse attorney to help you walk through the process. Nurses in situations like yours benefit by a nurse attorney who is uniquely qualified to represent you. Check out the The American Association of Nurse Attorneys to find one near you.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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  3. by   phanuel
    Dear Nurse Beth
    Thank you very much for your response and hope someone will be nice enough to give me a chance I Texas. I have been actively applying for RN jobs in Texas that i get phone interviews and when i tell them i have a blemish my license t they tell me they can't work with me. I will continue to apply and hope that someone on the forum will have mercy on me and give me a Chance.