Recruitment Agencies for RPNs in the GTA?

  1. Hello I am a Registered Practical Nurse. I have been tediously looking for employment. I have had some interviews, but due to the lack of experience I have not been hired. I want to gain some experience through jobs from recruitment agencies, but can't find any when I search online. Please list some agencies that you know that are willing to hire RPNS with little experience.

    I have tried Bayshore and Care Free.

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  3. by   loriangel14
    There are no recruitment agencies for RPNs in Ontario that I know of. Bayshore is a community nursing agency not a recruitment agency.
  4. by   joanna73
    It sounds as though you're looking for agency work, which is not recommended for new grads. Agencies expect you to work with minimal supervision.

    The GTA is saturated with applicants. Consider relocating. Many people have had to commute over an hour for that first job or move to a small town in Northern ON. Some of us left the Province.

    Keep applying and widen your search as much as possible. The job market is pretty dismal Canada wide right now, but if you're flexible, something will come along.
  5. by   Nurse Ashi
    Moving is out of the question because I have kids that are in school right now and a husband that is finishing up school. As a new grad how can I get experience?? Where can I find work easily?
  6. by   joanna73
    There are no easy solutions. New grads and experienced nurses are all having great difficulty securing jobs these days. It's been the same for years and instead of improving, the markets are worse than 2 years ago.

    It isn't your fault, but know that if you want to work, you will probably need to travel. Many people are in your same situation. Keep applying, but know that it may take time. Employers are more concerned with cost savings than training and hiring the staff they need, unfortunately.

    If you have any contacts, use them. Start networking.
  7. by   Nurse Ashi
    Thanks for the advice Joanna! I have been applying like crazy even far from where I live and nothing! I am starting to lose hope. Many of my friends are already working. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. Why can I not find a job!