Really Need advice about Nursing

  1. Hi,
    I'm sorta new to the forums and i wanted some advice. I'm currently a Biology Major at SUNY Albany. Unfortunately the school doesn't have a nursing program (heck they don't even offer anatomy and physiology ).
    I'm thinking about switching over to nursing 1. cause i graduate in 2 semesters and i'm getting really tired of the med school track and 2. I feel that I would be better off doing nursing on account of i'll recieve tons of support from my family (most of them being nurses). I wanted to know if I should just graduate with my B.S. in Biology and then do an accelerated program or should i just transfer to a school that has a nursing program? Should I do my associates or just go straight into getting a BSN. Thanks
    PS. sorry if i posted in wrong section
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  3. by   papawjohn
    Hey Ola

    You asked a lot of questions, really. Giving up on an earlier plan to go to MedSchool? Sounds like Organic Chem made that decision easier. Yer old Papaw has two neices in Medical Education. Both of them were/are at or very near the 4.0 average in Bachelors level courses.

    But don't underestimate how tough Nursing School can be. I had a BA in Liberal Arts (dual major and 3yrs studying German--not an easy course) and had to study MUCH harder in Community College to get my ADN than I did at University.

    Becoming a nurse because there's lots of nurses in your family and that will make you popular with them? Seems like not a good enough reason. You ought to thoughtfully consider what you want in your career and compare that with some of the positive and negatives we express on this forum--then make up your mind whether Nursing suits YOU.

    Getting a BSN vs ADN? To some extent, it involves the question of possibly going to Graduate School. If you think you might take your Nursing career--if that is what you decide to do--to the Nurse Practitioner or Educator or Anesthetist level--get your BSN. If Grad School doesn't appeal to you--the extra courses in the BSN curriculum (pathophysiology, etc) would seem to me to be unnecessary if you already have completed the Biology courses needed to major in it for your BS degree.

    My advice (might be worth exactly what you paid for it)--finish your BS in Biology. Then become an EMT or CNA and work in a hospital or Nursing Home for at least 6 months. Then decide.

    Good Luck to Ya
    Papaw John