Questions on switching RN license to a new state on short notice...

  1. I am currently a Pediatric RN BSN in Oklahoma City, OK. My husband and I are planning on moving to NYC in early to mid November. I have filled out the required application paperwork to apply for a New York RN license and sent them in this week; however, when I spoke to someone at the NY board, they said I didn't have much time to let my paperwork go through the system. I realize I should've sent them the paperwork much earlier, I procrastinated!

    My question is this, will hospitals in NYC be willing to interview and possibly even hire me if they know my license is currently in the process of going through? Will hospitals take me seriously if they know I am currently licensed in Oklahoma and I will be getting my NY license shortly? Should I go through an Agency until my NY license comes through before I apply for a full-time permanent position at a hospital?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    They could take you seriously however until you have a NY license issued you can't work.
  4. by   CarryThatWeight
    I applied for several positions out of state. At the time of my applications, I was not licensed in that state and had not yet begun the process (because if I didn't get a job, I wasn't going to move). It was understood, and I think I indicated in my cover letter, that if offered a position I would begin the endorsement process immediately. I submitted the forms to both states and had my permanent license in less than four weeks. My employer was fine with it. Many states also offer a temporary license that they will give you if you need to work during the endorsement process, so you might want to see if that's an option.
  5. by   LauraKayS
    Thanks so much. I'm guessing you called specific hospitals and talked with their HR about positions available? I think I'm going to start calling some hospitals in the area this week and see what they have to say. And that's encouraging news about your license only taking 4 weeks to receive! I'm hoping mine will take about that much time.