Question for all "Nurse Practitioners"

  1. I am new to nursing and I am trying to find out as much as I can. It seems many RNs/LVN's dislike many aspects of their jobs and feel they are underpaid. Since you have to be an RN before becoming a Nurse Practitioner, has your level of job satisfaction increased and if it has is it due to more respect among co-workers/more job functions/more authority/more money?? From who I talk to it seems that many Nurse Practitioners love there jobs and that many RNs are disgusted. I am just curious to see if treatment is received differently after obtaining a masters/becoming an NP. Thanks!
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    Good question. I would love to know too!
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    How come no1 answered ??
    Isn't there any NPz ?
    I would like 2 know !!

  5. by   sirI
    As an RN, I can say I never felt a lack of respect for the position.

    As an NP, there is a great deal of job satisfaction in the fact I do have more authority. I suppose the complete autonomy I have now as an NP is one thing that keeps me satisfied in this position.

    Many factors are involved when the individual decides to seek this level in the nursing profession. Some do it for the money. I, did not. Now, I do make a good living at it, but, more me, it is the feeling of being able to dx and tx the patient as a whole. See results of my work. Have the respect of my collegues. Work together as a unit to ensure the overall well-being of the patient.

    It's hard work, not for the faint of heart, requires an astute diagnostic mind, and, one should possess the ability to recognize when to refer when appropriate.

    Should someone pursue this just for the monetary compensation only, they will not be satisfied.