Providence TIP Programs for August 2017

  1. Does anyone know when the Providence TIP Program for August will be starting? I'm merely curious, and can't seem to get a hold of an actual human being through HR.
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  3. by   liljd
    They are anticipating a start hire date for external new hires either on august 7th or august 14th due to required orientations prior to the program. The TIP program will start on August 28th. Interviews will be scheduled the first few weeks on June. Hope that helps! I am applying as a fellow and not a new grad.
  4. by   nursingluv23
    Any idea when they'll be calling for interviews??
  5. by   snoopy25
    Does anyone know what floors are actually hiring?
  6. by   Meerkats18
    Thanks for the info! What providences did you guys apply to? I did my clinical rotation at 3 of them so hoping to get into one of them!
  7. by   snoopy25
    I applied to the ones along the coast like Santa Monica and such. Did you also write a cover letter for all of them, in addition to the Letter of Intent they asked for?
  8. by   Meerkats18
    No, just letter of intent. you?
  9. by   jessii427
    Just my letter of intent. And I applied for all 5 providence hospitals in california
  10. by   ekRN04
    Has anyone heard anything from any of the 5 Providence hospitals? I applied to all 5 but haven't heard anything.
  11. by   jessii427
    The application period just ended on the 31st of may so I'm assuming they're reviewing all the apps now
  12. by   nursingluv23
    Haven't heard anything either.. My guess is they'll call by mid June?
  13. by   Meerkats18
    I havent heard anything either, but I know they started contacting people for interviews at the Torrance location...
  14. by   nursingluv23
    Do you know if they're calling or emailing for interviews?