Please, help me to get a job!

  1. Hi, I am a new grad who is desperately needing a job now.
    I took a break during the summer and all jobs were gone after I came back from trip. I relocated and now in New York area.
    I am an ADN and had two interviews so far. I got one job offer from hospital that would be a my last choice. So, I am attending career fair on Friday. I need some tips from you guys.

    How do I make good impression during job fair? Should I answer briefly?
    I am an ESL and do not like to talk a lot. It is my negative point.
    For example,
    If the interviewer asks me, "What are your strengths?"
    I just answer, "My Strengths are _______." That's it.
    How did all you guys respond with that kind of questions? With specific example?

    If an interviewer asks me behavior questions like how did you react to ---? I elaborate the answers.

    but I really can't elaborate the simple questions.
    What do you guys think?
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  3. by   Yosemite, RN
    I'll be brief. Take that job offer gratefully. Apply yourself 100% to that job, even though it is not the one you wanted. Have EXCELLENT work ethics, i.e., not calling in sick if you can avoid it, etc. Be on the lookout to help your coworkers! "Pay your dues." Practise your English... always speak English, even if your co-workers don't, yet be polite and humble about it. Be friendly. Network so that in a year or two, you have people who can help you and be "professional references."

    Get certified in everything and anything you can... make yourself marketable.

    You didn't say what speciality you're aiming for, but I would try and do "med/surg" in a teaching hospital for a couple of years as soon as possible, if possible.

    Good luck!!!