PLEASE help!!! I want to make the right decision..

  1. I am going to be starting Nursing school at in January of 2013, and I got my CNA license this summer, and began applying for jobs. My goal is to become a Patient Care Tech while in Nursing school.

    After applying to over 300 jobs, I have received two jobs offers, and I don't know which one will be more desired by hospital recruiters. There are different things I would like about both.. and the job seems similar to what a Medical Assistant would be doing. I would work with adults and children. I would be evaluating patients on my own, but of course this is not in a facility were I would have experience in bedside nursing.The second one is a CNA in a nursing home and rehab center. In this role I would be doing CNA duties rotating on rehab, long term, and memory support. Basic CNA stuff.g in a doctor's office? Would that be considered "easy"? If they can train me to give shots, then would a hospital be okay doing the same or is it considered an asset to have these skills? Who would you hire if both candidates have the same attitudes, educational experience, and the only different was the office experience vs. the nursing home experience? I really want to make the best decision here, and a paramedic has told me me definitely the office CNA role, while an ED RN has told me definitely the nursing home position. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated - this will be my first CNA position!

    Thank you in advance - any thoughts are appreciated!
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    You will get little hands on experience in the MD office. I would definitely do the LTC one.