patient care technician/LPN

  1. hi guys !!! i am new here. i am glad i found this site...
    anybody here could give me clarification about Patient care technician and LPN.... i inquire to a school here in pittsburg about patient care technician and they told me that it has similarity with LPN.. Do u think they are giving me the right info ????????????????

    anybody please.....i am confused....
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You need to get clarification on the use of the phrase, 'patient care technician', as similar words are used to describe a CNA or an LPN, depending upon the employer. It can be used for either. A good way to find out this info without calling and talking to someone, is to look at the qualifications on the job posting. Does it say, "LPN license" or "CNA certificate"? If it does not say either, than it is the CNA level job with training to be provided.