Palomar New Grad/Nurse Resident/New Nurse Program 2018 - page 3

hello everyone! was wondering if anyone is applying for the new nurse residency program at palomar for 2018! if so, i was wondering how you applied? i'm having a hard time finding the application and... Read More

  1. by   knorby
    has anyone had their interview for 2018 cohort?
  2. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    My interview is not until January 8th
  3. by   summerdb
    I don't know if this thread is still active, but I have my interview for Palomar on Wednesday and was wondering if anyone heard anything about how their interviews are? Super excited and super nervous. Good luck to all those that had interviews!
  4. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    My interview was this morning, you go to 7 different stations and they ask you a few questions at each station. It's very laid back and you are at each station for 10 minutes! Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   windywind
    There were 7 stations with 2-4 managers, educators, etc per station.
    I wouldn't go as far to it being "laid-back".
    Some were easier to talk to than others.
    Be prepared to tell them why you want to work for Palomar multiple times.
  6. by   summerdb
    Thank you guys so much! Good luck to you both
  7. by   IMGrizzleRNBSN
    Does anyone who interviewed know when we should expect to hear back from them?
  8. by   summerdb
    Yes i believe they said today is the last day of interviews, and they will make decisions tomorrow. But they said emails out to everyone probably won't be till next week because of the holiday! So sometime beginning next week i believe.
  9. by   pinkuu
    Also, they said that if you don't hear by next week, then don't fret. Based on offer declines, they could possibly be calling the week after too. Good luck to all!!!
  10. by   RN&RDH
    Offer emails have started!
  11. by   JBCRN55
    Wasn't expecting them to send out offers today, but I received one!
  12. by   7593ie
    What units did you receive offer on? Wonder if they are going by last name or unit. What do your guys last name start with and what time did you receive the email?
  13. by   RN&RDH
    Last name starts with B. Inwas offered Trauma step down. Good luck!