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  1. I just recently completed my MSN in nursing leadership and management (in case i decide to pursue administration instead of education). I am wondering what the career outlook for online teaching is? How can I break into it without teaching experience? I have been a nurse for 5.5 years and am a PACU nurse now and have med/surge and home health experience also.

    Are there any other work at home or online nursing positions out there? I would like to be able to work from home while my kids are young, i'm just not sure where to look..
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  3. by   MR. STRANGE
    insurance companies is an area you can look into.
  4. by   HouTx
    Nursing education combines nursing practice with an entirely different profession - education - that also has its own body of knowledge, principles & practices as well a daunting amount of regulatory must-haves. A nurse educator must be able to meet the requirements of both professions simultaneously in the same way that a nurse administrator must meet fiduciary responsibilities in accordance with the general principles of accounting and governance.

    I am a nurse educator. It is a deliberate choice for which I have prepared myself in terms of education, training & practice. I'm very provoked whenever I encounter the belief that education is a 'fall-back' that anyone can do without any additional formal preparation. Effective teaching is not a happy accident. Online instruction is much more complex and challenging than classroom teaching, particularly in areas of student engagement and interaction. Most schools that have online classes will provide an orientation for new faculty, but this usually only includes use of the course materials/software and their policies & procedures.

    You may be very surprised at the very low salary & lack of benefits associated with adjunct (part time, pay-per-course) teaching.