oh, hmm -- Should I have second thoughts

  1. Hi All,

    I'm new to this board. So glad that I found it!

    I worked as an IT recruiter for 3 years and have gotten burnt out with the whole thing. After the attacks of 9/11, I really think nursing is my calling.


    I start school next January to become an LVN. I plan to work for a while, then go back to become an RN. Above all I want to help people. Money isn't a driving force for me as my husband makes very good money in the IT field.

    I remeber when I was in the hospital last year for 2 weeks so few people took care of me that were actually "caring". Most of them didn't have time for anything I had to say. I wonder now, was it them personally, the people or was it the work load that make em like that?

    I also am wondering if any of you work with Muslim Nurses, I am Muslim and wear my traditional full dress, any insight, opinions, advice?
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  3. by   tiger
    there are other professions that help people without all the crap. if you really want nursing(and i don't know why anyone would) go for the rn. just my opinion.
  4. by   fergus51
    The nurses probably don't have the time to be caring!!! Staffing ratios are brutal in some areas. I work L&D and usually have enough time for my patients. I don't know how med-surg nurses ever get their work done.

    I have worked with a Muslim nurse from the Phillipines. She wore a headscarf type garment and her regular nursig uniform. We usually aren't allowed to wear long sleeved uniform tops, but she just wore a warm up jacket over her top to keep her arms covered. I am sure this won't be a real problem for you any more than in any other field.

    Hope you like nursing!
  5. by   shyviolet78
    I work with several Muslim women and they wear regular scrubs with a long sleeve t-shirt under the scrub top to cover their arms. They also wear head scarves. As far as your experience in the hospital, the lack of caring could be attributed to both the personal attitudes of the staff and the workload. There are great nurses who don't have the time for alot of personal attention due to the workload, but there are also some nurses who, on a slow night, get irritated at having to get up from their game of computer solitare to check on a patient. If you need any support from fellow students, be sure to visit the Student Nursing forum on this board.
  6. by   ninaldunn

    Maybe I'm the only one, but I LOVE BEING A NURSE! I know tons of nurses who work 4 days a week and take home more money than their husbands. I love the satisfaction of caring for people. I love the open doors I have such as travel nursing, changing my career without going back to school - like going to OR or ER or dialysis, or home care, choosing the shift I want to work. So you don't get burned out. I work for a non-profit hospital - St. Vincent's, Green Bay, WI. It is a wonderful place to work. I will NEVER again work for a profit healthcare facility. I am not catholic but the hospital is wonderful. I make overtime for extra days over my 3 days a week.

    Go for it
  7. by   roud123
    The closer and closer it gets to starting school, the more and more excited I get.. Yipee!

    I really appreciate everyones advice and I hope to keep u updated as I go.

    Thanks again