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    I applied for next falls admission. At first I was very confident but not after this semester. Before I had gotten all As except for a B in chem & econ (which u know kicks major as @ this campus). This semester I got straight Bs in the classes of Human Physio & physio lab, nutrition, rhet, & geography. My question is have any of you gotten accepted w/ score like that??? I'm so pissed b/c most of those Bs are B+ (but nutrition class only puts B, arrggghh). I'm just really nervous now. Thanks
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    To the mods -- could this be moved to the Nursing Student forum?

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    Crazylilkelly ~ I am an alum from the UIC Urbana Regional Program. Every year's admission criteria is slightly different, based on the applications they receive. Some years are more competitive than others. Even if you do not get accepted straight out, there is also a waiting list. If you make the waiting list, do not be disheartened. I made it into the program from the waiting list. The best you can do at this point is to submit your application and see what comes of it. I personally think you have a decent shot. If you want a better analysis, I would go see the academic counselor (am I allowed to use people's real names on this website?). She is very friendly and will tell it to you straight. Hope I was of some help.
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    thanks much! Ya, I think I'm going to go talk to that person you're talking about. Don't worry, I won't spill the name. I'm just nervouse like I said.
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    Crazylilkelly ~ Be sure to let me know if you get in or not (when you know that is).
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    i think i find out sometime around march, but I'll definitely post it.
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    Quote from ActNGrowRN
    Crazylilkelly ~ Be sure to let me know if you get in or not (when you know that is).
    Wow, I was looking over all the threads I've started & saw this one! LOL, now its almost 3 yrs later. Sorry I'm so late, but I got in & just graduated this past May! I absolutely LOVED the CON. Great instructors & great classmates. Now, I'll be working @ Carle on pp next month