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  1. My husband is about to start his last semester of nursing school on Tuesday! My question to all of you is, what sort of job could he get in a hospital to get his foot in the door while he's in this last semester? His school schedule is typically Monday all day (8 - 3 or 6), Tuesday all day, Wednesday half day (8 - 12 or 1), and Thursday half day. So basically he needs something he can do part-time and still go to school. Is there such a thing as a Nurse Temp Agency? And if so, does anyone know of one in the Houston area?

    P.S. He's interested in working at Texas Children's when he graduates in May.
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  3. by   Imafloat
    Has he tried to become a patient care assistant at the facility he wishes to work at? A lot of people I went to school with did that and were hired on after graduating as nurses.
  4. by   llg
    One problem he may face is that he only wants the job for a few months.
    Many jobs require a formal orientation program and employers may not want to invest in orienting him to a job knowing that he will only stay in that job for only a few months. Some employers are willing to do that is some circumstances.

    Another problem he may with waiting until this late to investigate the possibilities is that some jobs require that he be available for special orientation classes, etc. Most students do those orientation classes in between semesters and/or during the summer. They get their orientation requirements out of the way when they are not in school, then can work part time around their school schedule when classes start up again.

    All he can do now is talk directly to the people at the hospital ASAP and see what they have to say. I suggest he talk with the hospital's nurse recruiters to see if they can help him find a good fit with the hospital.
  5. by   classicdame
    He needs to contact Human Resources in various facilities to find out what is available. Some are willing to hire and some are not.