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It's to bad you feel this way I work in the E.R.and am constantly exposed to hiv, hepatitis,and a host of other diseases you can protect yourself. Why did you really go into nursing ws it for the... Read More

  1. by   ShandyLynnRN
    My thoughts are that this thread needs to be closed/deleted. There are entirely too many posts here for anyone to read through.
  2. by   nurse2002
    The truth is that nursing isnt the rewarding job that is supposed to be. The none of us are going to save the world.
    That no matter how hard we work we will never get the respect or pay we deserve.

    The truth is that nurses are supposed to be kind and caring. That if it came right down to it most coworkers would turn their back on us in a heartbeat to look good for adminstration. That our supervisors dont care if we are dangeroulsy short staffed. As long as their staffing budget looks good on paper.

    Does anyone honestly think, that if a nurse was stuck with a needle and contracted HIV that the facility they work for would actually be there for them and their family in this time of need? Not. The first thing they would do is deny workmens comp and try to drop your insurance.

    Do anyone honestly think that if you made a med error or something due to low staffing=stress that anyone would try to help you keep your job? Right. No, the charge nurse would be right behind administration and whoever the heck else to save their own butts.

    Thats one of the things thats makes being a nurse diff from being, say a plumber. Nurses have other lives in their hands. Yet, as nursedude stated earlier, plumbers make more money. Plumbers are probally more loyal to each other too.

    I believe that the truth is that nurses who get very upset over the statement that " nursing is pathetic" know that the truth has been stated. That not only is nursing pathetic, but our healthcare system as a whole is pathetic.

    Its pathetic that nurses do not get the respect or pay that they deserve. Sorry, but respect alone does not feed my children.
    It is pathetic that many nurses do not have respect for each other. That we "eat our young".

    It is pathetic that you can give excellent nursing care to a patient and have that same patient make a formal compaint that did not get them that extra blanket fast enough.

    Hmmmm, I dont think the "truth" is so mysterious. For those of us who live in reality it is right there. In my
  3. by   caroladybelle
    No, Shandy - let's just leave them here to talk to each other......
  4. by   DebsZoo
    Originally posted by ShandyLynnRN
    My thoughts are that this thread needs to be closed/deleted. There are entirely too many posts here for anyone to read through.

    And the title is "flammable" too
  5. by   plaefulangel
    The shortage has nothing to do with that... majority of nurses will be retiring in the next ten years, babyboomers are becoming old and the need for nurses to care for them will and are increasing, and there arent enough nursing educators to instruct so the nursing schools have a limited amount of students they can take in each semester.

    i'm in california and any and every nursing program here is impacted. there are far too many applicants than the school can seat. every school has a LONG a waiting list.

    and one of the reasons why there are so few nursing instructors is because nurse instructors get paid less than practitioners for the same amount of education.

    you are right about there being two kinds of nurses... some do it just for the money, and usually end up hatin there career. others do it because they like caring for people and the income is a bonus.

    i guess the "truth" is that yea... nursing is a demanding career and yes, ur exposed to disease. but arent u pretty much aware of that when u chose to go into nursing?
  6. by   piccnjazz
    I am so sorry for all of you stuck in a profession you don't enjoy. Personally, I think that nursing is the best. I've been able to experience so much, travel, meet wonderful (or not) people, feel much satisfaction from my accomplishments AND get paid. Of course, I'm not a millionaire, but it sure is more than minimum wage. This profession certainly isn't perfect so, those of you have voiced your complaints, perhaps you could become involved in righting the wrongs. We could be the greatest political workforce in the nation (world?) if we just got together and aggreed on just one thing. You've all got a good start by simply belonging to this forum-now take the time to join your local nursing organizations. And, mentor new grads-encourage them to become involved in the future of nursing, be supportive-they are the future. I am very proud of nursing and nurses-ALL of us.
  7. by   NancyRN
    The first step in fixing something is to admit that it's broken. As it is, the voices of those who enjoy martyrdom drown out those who want to improve working conditions.

    If the work were not seen as grueling and dangerous, these self sacrificing polyannas could no longer bask in the aura of sainthood they are attempting to portray.
  8. by   RNIAM
    Can it be as simple as "another day, another life saved?" What can be more fullfilling?