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  1. Hi,

    I'm sure I have read it here somewhere but I can't find it now. I am wanting information on nursing in USA. I will complete my RN degree in Australia in 2008, and I am interested in moving to the US at that time. I would love any advice on what I need to do to find a job and if it will be possible to get a green card or something. I also have a family (hubby and daughter) which would need to come with me so I will need to know if it is possible to bring them.

    Ever since I can remember I have wanted to move to America. I'm not sure where I would like to live yet, I'm checking out a few real estate sites, even though it is still over two years away until I finish.

    I really thought there were posts about registering in each state, but I can't find it!

    Anyway, any helpe will be greatly apreciated!

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  3. by   augigi
    There are forums for each US nursing state, but you will find more relevant info in the "International Nurses" forum.

    The only way to work as an RN in the USA is to apply for an immigrant ("green card") employment-based visa. If you get this type of visa, you can bring your husband and dependents with you, just add them to the application.

    At the moment, you can work out what US state you plan to head to, find out their Board of Nursing requirements, and make sure that your RN degree covers sufficient theory AND clinical in psychiatric, maternal health/OB-GYN and paediatrics. This is the most common deficit/problem for Aussie graduates wanting to go to the US.
  4. by   Michelle123
    I don't think I will have the clinical exp in maternal health/ob-gyn and peds, but I would like to do a masters or post grad first which I think will help. I have been looking at the O'grady Peyton website who help to arrange it.
  5. by   zaarakhan
    hi all ,
    i wud like to do an accelerated BS in nursing.i've a bachelor degree.i wud like to know colleges offer this in and around dallas. and the pre requisites, cost involved
    pls repond to me , thanx in advance
  6. by   augigi
    Michelle, you cannot use postgraduate studies to count towards eligibility, only approved undergraduate courses and clinicals organised through your uni.