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  1. I am thinking of going back to school for an accelerated BSN degree, and I have no experience with nursing at all. I like doing things to help people and make them feel better, and I work well with people. My grandmother was an RN and she loved it. I was raised on a ranch and I have helped pull calves, doctor injured horses, etc. So, I know that that seeing blood and other stuff won't bother me that much. How many kinds of nursing areas/specialties are there? Does anyone have any advice about nursing and programs that I could do that might help pay for my BSN and any general nursing career advice??
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  3. by   loriann
    I just started using this board, so I think it is great place to start to get information and talk to others in the field. If you scroll down on the main page for the boards, you can see several different specialties listed.

    I am almost finished with my prerequisites and hope to start an accelerated program in the summer months. Before I started classes, I talked to different nurses and shadowed 4 of them to watch what they did and get a better understanding of their daily life on a floor. I also took a job as a social worker in a hospital so I could really be in a hospital environment. I work on a rehab floor and a med/surg floor, so I see some differences in nursing care.

    Good luck!