nursing as a career

  1. Yes I recommend nursing as a career, it has a multitude of choices...Dr. office, hospital, agency, goverment, psych, ped's, wound care, just to mention a few...and LPN, 2 yr RN, 4 yr RN, 5 yr and on & on...

    Not many other careers have this room to grow and change. The down side feeling stuck in a hopsital or other setting with a staff with poor attitudes or bad managers, but what job doesn't this apply to??

    All in all it has been a great choice for me.
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  3. by   ninaldunn
    i love being a nurse. i am really growing with my career, always learning something new. when i worked in an office there just was not so many learning opportunities. not only do i have dozens of classes i can take each month, i get paid to take classes. plus the bosses go hog wild that i take extra classes. plus then the teachers who are cns (clinical nurse specialists) always know me and keep me in there loop when they are looking for nurses to get paid to do little projects like stroke screening, etc. it's very exciting to me to really get involved with the community. since i do take so many classes offered at the hospital (about 1 per month) when we get outside seminars - my boss pays for the seminar, pays me my hourly rate to go, pays my lunch bill - i get to "do lunch" on the company. i love to meet other nurses at seminars. i love my job.
  4. by   greenapple
    I have been a nurse for sixteen years.I was a excellent nurse.I thought nursing as a career in the post.but now I chang.because I like to accept a new challenge.
  5. by   sgavette
    I decided to become a nurse when I was in my 30's. I feel that I made a good decision. I really like my job working in my hometown ED, but there are times that I hate to go to work because of the people that I have to work with. I get pretty tired of having to do my job and everyone elses too.

    The one thing that pushed me toward nursing was the large selection of areas that you can work in.

  6. by   tlmagraw2
    yes, i definitely recommend nursing as a carrer. i cannot think of another carrer where i could go from ccu, to pcu to med-surg to nursing homes if i wanted. i think the reason i love my job so much is that i work with other nurses who are just as enthusiastic--makes for a wonderfully short 12-hour shift. teri
  7. by   promises
    So nice to hear people like u guys who encourages us(those who are going into this career) to keep going.
    Thanks and God bless.
  8. by   DebiF
    I agree with promises! I am applying for the RN program locally after work in Assisted Living for a year. I am scared to death they will accept me and scared to death they won't.

    But, it has taken me 42 years to finally figure out what I want to do when I grow up and I am excited about the future challenages.
  9. by   DebiF
    I agree with promises! I am applying for the RN program locally after working in Assisted Living for a year. I am scared to death they will accept me and scared to death they won't. It is very encouraging to hear your voices here.
  10. by   sophiemaecat
    I bumped into a former Adult Psych pt. of mine about a month ago who was excited to share with me the news that she had applied to nursing school and "just knew she would love being a nurse because our staff was so good at it " and she wanted to be a Psych nurse "just like all of us". I did not have the heart to tell her that the very same staff she was referring to is simply functioning on burnout and needs to be admitted ourselves.
  11. by   blitz
    Hi all,
    Funny, but after reading this thread, I have to agree with you all; positive and negative comments. I work on an ICU and also float to Telemetry. It was there I worked yesterday, Easter. The staff with which you work is 90 percent of the deciding factor as to how the shift will go. Thankfully, although understaffed, without a house mom or charge nurse, no supplies, missing meds, patients having chest pain, SVT, patients waiting to be discharged (and families all staring at us for not doing it NOW) tube system down...we all had a good time. It was one of those days that just felt good at the end of the day because we all pulled together, knew each other and helped each other. And laughed while doing it. I couldn't imagine doing anything else. (Now, if only my legs will hold out!)