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  1. by   akoalaatemylion
    Quote from onaclearday
    would you describe yourself as...

    more compassionate and having the IQ of a brick?
    or -
    less compassionate and a sloppy alcoholic?

    (not really) You get the gist, they all made you feel like all questions were a trap.
    Right? I felt terrible after not passing, but then a super-competent friend also failed to pass. We figure there must be some sort of personality quality quotient they are looking for, that we don't meet. (We have similar personalities) Or it's a crapshoot. Either way.
  2. by   Nurseajh
    I don't think this test is a good indicator of a good nurse. I think this is another bad way that the nursing career has changed. I took the test and failed. I've worked in several different areas of nursing. I agree with one of the above comments that this is a way of making these firms that come up with this stuff rich. I'm sure hospitals are peeling off alot of money to use this product. Not to mention keeping good nurses out of work. And they continue to try to find ways to cut budget spending in our hospitals. The hospitals that use this tool need to get a grip on reality.
  3. by   jaknbox
    I'm glad I am not the only one who failed it. What a shame. It had nothing to do with nursing. What a waste of money. I have to wait six months to reapply.
  4. by   whichone'spink
    I hope I don't have to take this sort of test. It's just as bad as a personality test.
  5. by   nevrwhere
    Stupid test!
    Totally failed it today at a hospital right next to home to avoid my current hour plus commute. Been a RN for more than 10 years and more than 15 years of work experience prior to nursing. I feel like a failure that I couldn't pass this but should I? Just needed to vent a bit, so angry that I can't get a job based on this test.

    But I was invited to retake in 6 months. Which I replied with why because same test same questions and I will give the same answers sucks
  6. by   FLOBRN
    I was looking at a hospital website in Eagle Pass Tx tonight - found them in a nursing mag and they are offering HUGE sign on bonus' - $24K for nights! Upon looking at the job description, I see they require this test. They have positions for new grads as well. Now if experienced RN's cannot pass this "test" how can a new grad even hope to? I have 30 years in L/D and wouldn't even bother to apply.

    Edited to add: maybe this is why they cannot get nurses, thought the location is not exactly first rate either IMHO.
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  7. by   midnight82
    I failed the stupid test. I have no idea how I failed it. What the heck were the "right" answers that's what I'd like to know. Most of it had nothing to do with nursing! I am so depressed. They were the only prospect that I have so far. There is no way I would even think about applying with them in 6 months HA!
  8. by   connolkm
    How do you study for this test?? I just found out I need to take it and am freaking out by everyones posts... Is it really that hard to pass
  9. by   kingallnurses
    oh my God..... I will be taking this said exam anytime within 7days from now. I am given the username and password already to access it online. I'm freaking out!!!! hope there is a review material for this!!!! Help me God .....
  10. by   angelfood45
    I failed the test yesterday. The Organization can't give me the results so that I might understand what they were looking for. It was my dream job and the manager had allready given me a telephone interview. I have 8 years of experience. I was never told if I would be answering the questions from the prospective of a floor nurse of management. It makes a difference in the way you think about the answers. The syntax is wrong. If you are english speaking and well read you will miss questions if you pay attention to that. If they say I always... and you agree. That should mean always. However There is the choice Strongly agree, always. You could miss several of these absolutes.

    If you are busy should you help another nurses patinet? if you are busy If any other service industry Yes. If you are busy saving a life? No If you know nothing about the patient and it is a medical matter NO Should you get someone to help, depends who? These are difficult questions, because there are no facts and that is what nursing judgement is based on.
  11. by   ruth godde
    I have been a RN for 30 years, most of that time in Charge Nurse postion in a busy ICU and I have successfully failed (3 times) this test. I do not think it told the potential employer of my high evaluations, my co-workers opinion, my perfect attendance, and many other attributes I have acquired over the years. It weeds out self-motivaters, leadership, and "out of the box" thinkers. Too bad, shame on them. Just today I managed an unstable Dialysis patient with Flash Pulmonary Edema in the ICU while the Dialysis Nurse took off 3.5 liters, Oh wait the test wnats to know Do I strongly agree vs strongly disagree with how that made me feel.
  12. by   RNin
    Anyone have any advice on what the test is looking for? I have to take the test and would like to prepare for it. Is it just a personality test or are there clinical questions
  13. by   Grits RN
    So, who notifies you if you pass or fail the test?

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