Normal expectation?

  1. I am in nursing school right now. I just interviewed for a job as a per-diem PCA. I would only be working one day a week. As part of my interview, the manager told me that I would have to work either Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. I was suprised because my expectation was that as a per-diem person, who wouldn't even have a specific set day to come in, that I wouldn't need to give up my holidays yet. I know at another local hospital per-diem PCAs don't have to commit to that. I can do it, and I told her that, but is this expected everywhere?
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  3. by   llg
    It is definitely a requirement at my hospital. Per diem staff have requirements to work enough shifts to keep their skills current and also a requirement to work a certain number of "off shifts" and holidays. Our per diem positions have a lot of flexibility, but there are also a few requirements.
  4. by   carachel2
    Yep, it is definitely an expectation where I work. That is the whole point of PRN staff.....extra hands when needed and holiday coverage for the full-timers. We have to work one major and one or two minor holidays.