No job, loss of skills...worried need advice.

  1. I will start with I'm new on if I am not posting correctly please let me know. Ok so I graduated in may 2011...Job for 6 months then nothing for over a year. Cant get an intview or call after applying to sooo many jobs. Here is a little history: I had a job in neurology private practice for 6 months the employer was a nightmare and the work environment was horrible. I loved my job but the interference of the bad boss and coworkers quickly overshadowed. I was a fairly confident nurse but after being told I had to forget all I learned in school and learn his way and through the repetitive mind games that were played...I lost confidence, skills and knowledge from school. I ended up leaving that job due to complications of pregnancy. So fast forward to jan 2013 and still no job. I have spent the past year searching and applying so many times I've lost count. Does anybody have any advice as to what I should do? I am no longer a new grad and I unfortunately lack more skills knowledge and experience than when I first graduated. I just feel if I could find a preceptorship or rn refresher I could get back to where I need to be and could possibly gain the confidence to apply to some jobs that open up at the hospitals. Which until now I have been scared to apply to many of them...since ones I have applied to have resulted in hr letters stated they are sorry I didn't meet the criteria. And really I probably don't...I feel at this point I have forgotten all skills. I am beginning to feel my degree is practically void. I worked so hard to earn it, but feel that bad first job screwed me up and made me miss my chance at a career in nursing. Other than going back and re reading my nursing school books...I just don't know what to do. ADVICE PLEASE. Before I go and apply at the local grocery store or something!
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  3. by   lmburton
    Try to work for an agency so that will get your foot in the door.
  4. by   anjresident
    id like to read some advice as well. im in the same boat as you.
  5. by   nitasarn
    Have you tried agency or home health?