New to the group, need advice.

  1. I'm new to allnurses and hoping to gain some insight in to the process of nursing school and nursing in general.

    years ago 1999 to be exact I was a nurse aid and had plans to become a nurse. I had one child and then while pregnant with my 2nd child had to stop working as a nurse aid due to complications. Decided to be a stay at home mother. I then went back to school took classes for a Real estate license. after a year working in the Field I just don't feel its what I should be doing. It's just not where my heart is.

    Who, what, caused you to consider nursing as a career?

    How did you know that it was the right career choice?

    what advice would you give to someone considering nursing as a career?

    Any other thoughts opinions or advice would be great too. I just feel a little lost, worried and scared.

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    Hi and welcome to the site

    Have moved your post to nursing career advice for more support. Good luck