New Grad: Wait for speciality position or just settle for anything?

  1. I graduated in May. Took the NCLEX in September and passed . And now in the process of getting a job.

    Background: In nursing school, I knew for a long time that I wanted to be an Oncology nurse. I have completed my clinicals in inpatient adult oncology (2 semesters), inpatient adolescent pediatric [which mainly had cancer patients] (1 sem.), and outpatient pediatric [heme/onc, dealing with all sorts of IV transfusions] (1 sem.). I was in an Oncology Nursing Society mentorship program (1 yr.).

    In Hawaii, there is only one children's hospital (Kapiolani). Other hospitals have small pediatric units. Kapiolani will not be accepting applications for new grads until December, will be starting interviews in Jan. and won't be hiring until Feb/March.

    Should I wait for the job that I really want or just settle for any job I can get?

    Yes...I got the lectures from friends and family that I should just get any job so I can get "my foot in the door."
    Yes...I know I can be picky. After all, I am at the bottom of the "food chain" and beggars can't be choosy.
    Yes...I know that I can always gain more experience in Med/Surg and re-apply in a year a two.

    [FONT=Lucida Console]In need of advice and/or if others have been in the same situation. I'm sure I'm not the only one...or am I just crazy?!
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  3. by   SarasotaRN2b
    If you were interviewing within the next month, I would say hold on, but you are looking at perhaps close to half a year before you start, if you get the position. A year in med/surg won't kill you, and if anything it may make you stronger than a new applicant coming in with no nursing experience.

  4. by   llg
    Can you afford financially to wait? Is there something you could be doing in the meantime that would be productive? Is there the possibility of a job in a related setting -- e.g. adult oncology

    I am sympathetic to your desire to wait. Being miserable in your first job is no way to start a career. On the other hand, sitting around doing nothing for 4 months is not good either. I would be searching for something "in between" -- some way to continue my development while I was waiting for my chance for my first choice of a job.
  5. by   vh1817
    There is nothing like experience. It beats sitting around waiting on a job any way you look at it. You'll be a much better nurse. It may not be bad either. You may actually find that you enjoy areas you never thought you would. I was always dead set that I would never work Oncology. Then, I was working Flex at a hospital and was sent to a Hem/Onc floor to work several times. I dreaded it like there was no tomorrow. I eventually fell in love with it. I loved the patients, the staff and the work. You never know what you might find out about yourself. Good luck with whatever you decide.