New Grad w/ Associate's degree + no experience + RN License = no hope for job??e =

  1. Hi all! I'm pretty sure this is NOT the first post regarding this topic. I'm a new grad and just passed the NCLEX last week. I only have an Associate's degree, and I'm aware that in these economic times, many hospitals will not even consider someone w/ no experience OR their BSN. I plan on going back to school in January 2012, but I am hoping to start my career before then. Is there any advice to get started or to increase my chances of getting noticed? Should I volunteer? sacrifice to work as a CNA to become known to the hospital? I am so lost! Also, should I not bother applying to hospitals that state "experience preferred" or "must have BSN"? Should I restrict myself to just applying online, or make the effort to walk into the actual hospitals? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance.
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  3. by   Denisse-LPN
    I feel your pain!! I passed the NCLEX-PN 3 months ago and I still don't have a job. Every employer wants experience, I started doing health fairs with CIGNA and I am planning to put in an application to volunteer. I am soon starting the RN program and I thought it would be easier as an RN...I guess it's the same. Anyway I hope you find a job soon and I advise you to volunteer, every employer I have spoken with tells me this. It probably will help to work as a CNA, most of my friends that were CNAs have already found jobs.
  4. by   klaloan
    Aw thanks Denisse-LPN. Good luck to you as well. From what I'm hearing is that it is hard for ALL nurses: RNs, ADN; RNs, BSN; LPNs and so forth. It's crazy because no one expected it to be so hard for upcoming nurses! We just have to keep on trucking and keep our heads up. Before you know it, they'll be begging for nurses (crossing my fingers and toes!)
  5. by   e0wYn
    I don't know where you guys live but bigger facilities usually in bigger metropolitan area usually have programs for new grads. They call it GN-RN. You will be trained for 3 mos but you won't get paid a whole lot. There's not a whole lot of options in smaller towns. But keep trying. GOOD LUCK.