New Grad: possible new hire on ACT team

  1. Hello All,
    I've been a long time reader of everything on this forum and have to thank all of you for all the amazing advice and information you post every day. Now that I've said that piece, I just recently wanted to come out of the shadows because I am now a licensed Registered Nurse and would like some specific advice. You all have been monumental in the decisions I have been making up to this point as whatever question I have, I just have to search for it and it's usually there.

    Recently I have started applying for jobs and it has been a interesting emotional roller coaster. I live in Brooklyn, NY and the market for new grads in the NY area is pretty abysmal. Job hunting in general is not a very fun activity but the issue is compounded by the fact that no one wants to take the risk to hire new graduates. Any new graduate things I have seen have been for BSN grads.

    My main interest in Nursing has always been Mental Health/ Community Health Nursing. I got into it as I was working at a nonprofit organization for the developmentally disabled as a Counselor. So even though everything is looking for 1-2 years of experience I have been applying anyway and I got lucky after about a week of looking up and applying to jobs and got an interview for an ACT team as a part time nurse. The team is small (10 members--psychiatrist, social workers, one FT nurse, and some others, plus interns) and I think it will be a good fit for a first job even though I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

    I must have made a good impression though because the supervisor called me today and told me she was very impressed with me and thought I would be an excellent addition, so she is sending me through to a third part of the interview. I met with the nurse the same day as the initial interview which constituted as the second part of the interview.

    When I interviewed they told me they would prefer it if I drove, but it wasn't a direct requirement at first. They called me twenty minutes after the interviews and asked if I could learn how to drive ASAP if hired. I said yes. When the supervisor called me today I asked how much time I would get to learn how to drive and she said as soon as I can get licensed and be able to drive she would prefer it immediately.

    Anyone else get asked to learn how to drive for a job? They apparently really liked me. I am shocked they are highly considering a new grad without driving experience because they liked my interview so much. Don't get me wrong--I am thrilled--but I am hoping I can pull this all off. I am in for a lot of things to master.

    Did I add I'm currently getting my bachelors? Thankfully the position is part time. I would be mainly giving psych drug injections like haldol risperdal etc.

    Any input would be great on these matters. Advice etc.

    Thanks a bunch,
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  3. by   Madras
    Get your license ASAP! It will widen your availability! Ex. Emergency call in! Living in NY, driving is still a necessity!

    Get the permit manual, study it for a few days, take your permit test. If you have no idea what your doing take some lessons. If you do know how to drive the road test is a breeze!

    Oh and good luck NURSE!
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