New Grad in an Outpatient Transition to Hospital

  1. Hi Everyone!

    So a little background, I'm from California and I've had my RN license for a few months now and I've just been applying to jobs all over California. As many know, it's tough for a new grad out here even with a BSN, but today I got a call for an interview at an outpatient surgery center to be an OR nurse.
    I was wondering if I committed to this job for 6 months to a year would I be able to transition to a hospital (probably on med-surg) easier now that I have the experience hospitals are asking for or not exactly because it's not considered acute?

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   brownbook
    Almost every area of nursing is a specialty.

    An OR nurses job is very different from a med/surg nurses job. I'm sure there are nurses who have successfully transitioned from OR to med/surg. But you'd almost be like a new grad with no experience if you were able to get a med/surg job after working as an OR nurse.

    If you're not interested in working OR and have your heart set on med/surg I think you'd be wasting your, and your employers time taking the job.

    Being an OR nurse in an out patient surgery center is a job many nurses would sell their souls to get. If you want to work acute care you could possibly transition from out patient OR to acute care hospital OR.