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  1. I need some advice regarding interviews-dealing with nerves-I appear fine until I sit down for the interview-everything just goes out the window-my voice becomes shaky-can't remember a thing-My last interview was over the phone (panel of five)-I just lost it-So, that interview has affected my confidence. I reallly want this position, so much.
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  3. by   goodwitch
    Have you done a web search to locate sites that give advice on interview preparation? Doing so will help you to really think about answers to frequently asked questions before going to an interview. It's also helpful to research the hospital or facility that you are applying to. You mention that you really want this position.....why? Think about what it is that makes this position so important to you and how you feel you can contribute. Most of all, just be yourself. I have conducted many of the best was when a nurse told me after a couple of questions that she was so nervous. When I asked her why, she said she really wanted this position and proceeded to tell my why she wanted it and what she felt made her a good fit for the position. She convinced me by simply being herself and admitting how important it was to her. It was refreshing. Believe me, I am often nervous myself about conducting the interview because so many people are interview savvy and it's hard to know that you are making the best choice. Prepare, relax, be yourself, and think of questions you want answers to yourself. I am always a little hesitant if the person I am interviewing has no questions. Things like....describe orientation, clarify patient load, opportunities for advancement, these are all good questions to ask. I am also impressed by someone who asks if it's possible to talk to someone in a similar position. Good luck in your search!!!!
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    Great advice.
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    Thank you Goodwitch-very helpful. Cheers for that