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  1. I have been a LPN since 2002, the first few years I went from one LTC facilty to the next, bouncing around due to bad work conditions and 99% of the time being afraid of losing my license due to illegal practices that so many of these facilities frequently incur. Of course all my exerience in Nursing &amp; LTC work is charge Nurse. I had one home health care position that was a peds vent case, but even as a new grad nurse around here you are usually just hired on the spot if you have a valid license and "thrown in there". So my work record in the Nursing field isn't excellent by any means. My license state is MO so although continuing education isn't necessary, I have done online CE over the years to try and stay current on nursing practices. I have management experience in corporate agriculture , I owned and operated my own real estate company for several years, and also started a customer service business representing world renowned corporations. The past few years I have worked with my husband starting a international import and export buisness as well as helping set up new accounts and hiring for manufacturing. Due to life -changes, (probably a mid-life crisis,lol <img class="inlineimg" title="Smile" border="0" alt="" src="">, I have decided that I would like to give nursing a try again, I need to be independent from my husband and children and just actually have something that I can focus on, and I can actually get some credit and satisfaction that I have done this independently. I live in a rural area and have recently came across a LTC facilty in my area who is taking applications for a ADON, they stated "RN prefered but would consider LPN with extensive supervisory experience". So here is my real question, Do you think I would even be considered a option for this position or potientially laughed at ? I have spent the last 4 days updating myself on MDS plans,medicaid &amp; medicare charting, assessment, care plans, OBRA, &amp; JCS. I feel given all my previous experience in management I would not have any problems in regard to interpersonal communications, scheduling, etc.. And I feel that I could handle the responsibilites of the job. I'm just nervous about it.... What is your opinion?
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  3. by   HouTx
    I'm not familiar with MO nursing regs, but would this role be accountable for clinical assessment/intervention of residents in case of medical emergency? Are you competent to do this? It seems like you have a great background in the 'business end' of the job, but is that enough? Would a qualified RN be immediately accessible if you need him/her? You certainly would not want to jeopardize you licensure because you were forced to exceed your scope of licensure. As a nurse, your first responsibility is to ensure the quality of clinical care.

    I am also a wee bit disturbed that you refer to "illegal practices" that you witnessed in previous jobs. As a nurse, you are obligated to call these to the attention of the appropriate regulatory body. It is unethical just to turn a blind eye. These days, if your employer is found to be non-compliant with Federal rules and regs - and you knew about it - you are also vulnerable to criminal prosecution.