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  1. So I currently work at a hospital in pediatrics. I really enjoy working with kids. But I work nights and I've been working nights for about 2 years and I'm really getting tired of it. There are no options for me to go to day shift at this point in time or even in the next year. If I left the hospital I work at I think that I would want to move towards a non-hospital nursing job. I am also going back to school for my masters degree. So I need something that I could do part-time. The problem I find is that a lot of jobs aren't as flexible as the hospital and when I search for jobs in different areas such as school nurse, public health nurse, clinic jobs or even med-spa jobs they all want experience in those areas. I'm also a little afraid to leave my comfort zone. Since it is the only area that I have had experience in as a nurse. If anyone has had a similar experience or any advice for me...I would greatly appreciate it!
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    Have you ever considered working for an agency?, My advice is to search, search, search many job openings, apply to many anyway even if they ask for previous experience 'cause you never know- right. You have some experience working as a nurse so you will find a job somewhere - just keep on searchin!