Need help on suggestions! ( long post)

  1. I would like to first say thank you so much for reading this post and would appreciate any advice that will be given, either bad or good.

    Due to loan repayment coming up soon, I decided to accept a position as a nurse on the med surg floor. I never liked working med surg and had only wanted to work in NICU! I was desperate!

    I am currently doing orientation as a new grad for two days with all new grads coming from all units. Most of them are coming from icu,ER, and women's services.

    My question is that would it look really bad if I went to HR and ask if I can be hired as a NICU nurse instead of med surg or ask for a PRN position that they have available while working on the med surg unit.

    There are currently 5 positions available for NICU in this hospital for new graduates.

    Please let me know if I should just suck it up and stay with a med surg position and hopefully transfer in a year or go to HR and request for a transfer.

    Thank you
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  3. by   okcu.alumni
    Can someone please reply?
  4. by   pinknblue82
    Haven't been in that situation exactly but at my facility I think once you accept a position you aren't allowed to transfer at all for 6 months. if your place is like most others, there's probably a ton of nicu apps compare to m/s and they may be reluctant to move you.

    You could go ahead and start with the job you have now, make a good impression with that area, try to get friendly with the nicu manager and let him/her and your HR contact know that you would eventually like to transfer. By the time you're eligible you will hopefully have some good internal references.

    I personally dont know of any areas in the hospital that hire new grads for per diem or prn positions. In my area those are for experiences RNs that need minimal orientation.

    Just my 2 cents, hopefully some others will chime in with their experience. Good luck.
  5. by   okcu.alumni
    Thank you so much for responding. I guess I will just try to suck it up for 6 months and then do internal transfer.

    Again thank you!
  6. by   StinkMomBomb
    I agree with pinkblue82, there probably is a relocation wait time. When I graduated I didn't want to work LTC so I didn't apply for any of those jobs. I didn't like med/surg either so I know how you feel but a job is a job and $ is $. Get what you can from it, make a great name for yourself and let that carry you forward.

    Good Luck Nurse!
  7. by   HouTx
    Sorry that you are feeling so frustrated, but you do need to understand that HR doesn't "hire" anyone.... that is done by managers. HR's responsibility is to ensure that all the hiring 'processes' are done, but they don't make the decision about who is supposed to be hired.

    That being said, HR cannot 'transfer' you or switch you to another position. The only person who can put you into an NICU job is the hiring manager for that unit. I agree with PP - your best strategy is to go ahead with your MS job & demonstrate that you are an absolute super star! Then pursue that transfer as soon as you are allowed.

    Good Luck!!!