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  1. I'm not sure where to place this, please redirect if needed. I am an LPN in school to be an RN. Will gradute May 12. I just finished up a job in the state mental hospital here in WV. Most of my LPN experience is in mental health. I quit the job to concentrate on my last 2 months of school, I worked full time and went to school full time for 3 semesters, but I decided to take a little break and just do school until i graduate. I am having a hard time finding work as a graduate nurse, most places say they want a year experience as an RN. I want to relocate to Florida, the state with the gretest need for RNs. Any suggestions on how to get a job right out of RN school?
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  3. by   DTC
    I graduated March 06 as an LPN. My Dad died during nursing school and I was his primary care giver. Upon completion of school, I took the lifetime opportunity to tavel abroad for a few months. Returing home, I was respondible for settling his affairs and began cleaning out his and my deceased mother's home, having estate sales etc. In July, I accepted a LTC postion whick was shortlived,,as in VERY shortlived. I was so overwhelmed adn my confidence crushed, that I havent looked for a job since. I had bariatric surgery Jan 29th 07 and and now ready to begin a job search. Saying all that,,,,,,,,,,,,,,any suggestions as to how I should "sell myself" to a prospective employer? I'm applying for an assisted liveing position next week. I've kept with voraciously reading nursing materials, doing volunteer work at a hospice facility and learning from my school,ates experiences. I know I'll be at a disadvantage having no practical experience but know I can do a great job if given the opportunity. I welcome your honest advice.
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  4. by   chadash
    Dear DTC,
    I am not a nurse, I am a nursing assistant, so I can not give you advice specific
    to nursing. But, I can say, God bless you and my best wishes. Nothing like a LTC
    experience to humble you, but humility isn't such a bad thing. Discouragement, now, that is useless. You CAN do it. The little you have revealed of yourself in your post suggest a good person with a true interest in nursing.
    Apply at hospitals. Even if you choose LTC in the future, the experience will give you confidence and a new perspective. Then, in LTC, you can be a leader instead of a whipping post. Sounds sort of nasty to say this, but that is the realtity.
    I pray you the very best.
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  5. by   DTC
    Thanks chadash,,,,
    I appreciate your words of support. There was an ad in the paper today for an assisted living opening at a wonderful facility and a classmate of mine works in the nursing home part of it. I talked with her tonight and am going to go apply tomorrow. Myabe assisted living will be a good fit for me at this time,,build my confidence up. Thanks for responding and for your prayers!
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