need help for to be a nurse

  1. Hi, everyone:
    I really want to be a nurse, now.I am attending a community college and almost done for my pre-req. i am having a low gpa about 3.0, and I didn't have a good gpa in my microbiology. Now, my parents want me to move out. I am planing to get my cna this summer. i haven't taken my TEAS yet, because my english is not that well and i haven't studied math for over three years. Therefore, i need to prepare the exam before i take it.I really want to get into public school, but i don't think so i will be get accept. Therefore, i am planing to get my degree in private school. But the tuition is really expensive. I don't think so i can bear that without any support. But my parents are not going to provide me support. What can i do and be successful? I am a esl student, my english is not good enough and also i waste too much time before I set up my goal.
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  3. by   HouTx
    You have some major challenges. Your GPA is not high enough for admission to nursing programs that have a reasonable tuition cost. With a low GPA, your choices will be limited. DON'T let a commercial school lure you in - they will promise you anything to get you to take out loans for their expensive tuition. They just want to *sell* you the tuition, no matter whether you actually have a chance of success. They get their money even if you cannot pass the course. If you fail, you will still owe the money. Even if you manage to complete the course, the loan payments will probably be too high for you to manage on your salary. Your English skills are going to be a huge barrier for you also. English fluency is absolutely essential for success in nursing school.

    Have you looked into an LPN program? Their entrance requirements may be more achievable for you. My recommendation? Complete your CNA training & work as a CNA for a while as you improve your English skills and improve your financial stability.