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  1. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me out. I just finished LPN school in NY. The boards are scheduled for the end of March. I am moving to Florida the beginning of March. I was told by the director of the school, that I am better off coming back ,and taking the NY boards, and then transferring to a Florida license instead of just taking the Florida boards, because it's better to get the NY one first, since it's taken in more states. What does everyone think
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    i dont know about the whole "it's taken in more states" - unless NY is a compact license and FL is not? maybe?? anyway my situation was that i went to school in ohio and was moving to Tx after i graduated, and my nursing director told me that it was better to take the test in Oh since that was where i went to school ...and should there be a "law" question i knew the ohio laws more so since i went to school here than i would another state... and then become endorsed by the state i was moving too. I did have a friend though that did her schooling in Ky and took her Nclex in tx, and she did just fine.
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    Above are the web sites of both FL and NY BON. From what I have read, you take the same boards (NCLEX) administered by the same testing agency throughout the country. You apply for licensure--either FL or NY--then apply for license by endorsement to practice in another state (I think). The info on FL site states you can apply for endorsement of your out of state license. FL issues RN and LPN licenses by either examination or by endorsement. Site states there is no such thing as reciprocity--you can't practice in FL unless you get a FL license by examination or by endorsement of a valid license from another state.

    I wonder if you could take the NCLEX in FL and submit applications for licenses in both states at the same time?

    I work in FL. You may need a letter from your nursing school documenting that the curriculum includes 4-hour HIV/AIDS instruction. Domestic violence cert also required.
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    Isn't the NCLEX a standardized test. I don't remember any questions about state law--but it was a while ago.
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    Thanks everyone
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    Has anyone completed the Exelsior program online for their associates? Did you have trouble getting a job when done. How were boards? My last question is after reading the modules bought from The College Network, was the test pretty much the same as the one you take at the end of each module? Where should I focus my studying.