Need advice on paths to RN---NEW YORK CITY

  1. Trying to decide what path to take to becoming an RN. I have a BA and MA in non nursing field (i will need to take some science pre-reqs). I want the fastest, least exspensive route, I will be working at least part-time and taking as many classes as i can. Would it be faster to pursue the AAS (or ADN) or is it wiser to do BSN?
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  3. by   Wren
    You can pursue an RN degree through an accelerated program since you have a bachelor's degree in another field.

    I also have a non-nursing bachelors (BA-psych) and I took 2 semesters of pre-reqs at a local community college (micro-biology,chemisty, anatomy & physiology, etc). I applied to an accelerated generalist BSN program in the area that I lived in at the time (Massachusetts) and completed that in one year and 1/2 of classes/clinicals. The accelerated programs are just that, accelerated! Be prepared to work hard during that time because the pace is brisk...but doable. Most people in my program worked either part time or even full time although the full-timers were stressed. I loved it and wouldn't consider anything else. Check out all of the nursing schools in your area and I am sure that some have an accelerated program. They may call it something else but it will be described as being for folks with non-nursing degrees

    It will take you a similar amount of time to get your ADN. Many jobs in management require a BSN and you can't proceed beyond a certain "level" for promotion and pay purposes where I work now without a BSN so I'd say go for it. Good luck!
  4. by   graceland
    thanks wren! i believe i am going to go the same route---
    happy new year!