Need advice! my interview next week

  1. Hi there....please give me some advice its gonna be my interview next week..God i'm really nervous,,i might get block out during the interview...What are the specific questions they going to ask me?:uhoh21::uhoh21::uhoh21::uhoh21:..any advice wiil be appreceated..thank u
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  3. by   momthenRN
    I am interviewing and have been for several months. Almost alway, they will ask you to explain one of your strengths and a weakness. They will also ask a specific question such as why are you applying for this job and how would you be at this job. I have also been asked things like where do you think you will be in say 5 years,...what are your career goals? I have also found my interviewers where impressed if I brought a list of questions to ask them regarding the job and their management styles and unit details and things you are interested in with the position. Good luck with you interview.....
  4. by   icuRNmia
    Hi! Congrats! I just had my 1st interview this week and it was grueling!
    Some things they asked me:
    • Why do I want to work in X hospital & X unit?
    • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
    • How did I do in school?
    • What sets me apart from other new grads?
    • What would I do if a parent asked me a q on something I didn't know about?
    • Do I have any questions? (You must have some)
    • What are my 2yr plans?
    • Tell me about yourself
    Not so bad and I did my research on the hospital and the unit and impressed them that way. I also did a mock interview with a friend. Nonetheless, I was nervous as all get out! Yikes! Go in a suit, be bright, pleasant, maintain eye contact and smile. Ask for a tour of the unit if possible.

    Good Luck!