Need adivce, failed drug test

  1. Hello everyone,
    I cannot stop crying, and I simply do not know what to do. I was hired at my DREAM job, and I had a saliva drug test last week. Today they called me stating that I had failed the drug test due to THC. Now, I normally do "fail" the drug tests because I have a prescription for adderall (since I was a little kid) and I just provide documentation from my doctor, no big deal..

    However, for whatever reason I didn't test positive for adderall, I tested positive for THC. I do not smoke, however my boyfriend does. I cannot stop crying because I know I did not smoke marijuana. The doctor on the phone told me it only picks up on a saliva test if I had used it in the past three days. Which I did not.

    Tomorrow my new job is notified I am a loser pot head, I lose my dream job, and my results will be sent to the state board....

    Any suggestions? I truly would never post this if I did use the drug- whatever. But I cannot stop crying because it was a false positive and I am humiliated. I already told so many people I was hired for the job. I just cannot believe this is happening to me.
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  3. by   kbear121
    Is there a way you can contact the employer to let them know that you definitely do not smoke marijuana and will do a urine test to prove it?

    To be honest, your boyfriend should've been more wary that you were interviewing and getting jobs as well, and should have tried to stay away from you when he smoked.
  4. by   RavenRipley
    Anyway, I actually took a urine test as well as a hair follicle test. I got a lawyer and I won. Apparently everyone who had been drug tested that day failed for Marijuana (8 people) so there had to have been cross contamination. I cried so many tears before and after finding out. It was such a terrible experience.