MSW to RN?

  1. Hi everyone...

    I am in NYS and decided recently to make a career change. Long story short I started my education in a PA program many years ago and then decided it wasn't for me (back when many PA programs were still 4 year B.S.). I went on to get a BA and then completed my MSW, but I've decided that I really miss the medical field and I would like to pursue nursing...

    Ultimately, I would like to do an MSN/NP program... I'm in Rochester, NY and looked into the direct-entry MSN/NP program at U of R; however, it's a 3 year program and the admissions woman was very clear about the fact that students in the accelerated track are not permitted to work while in the program... I'm not in a position to make that commitment at this time. So I am looking into my options for becoming an RN and working for awhile and hopefully pursuing my advanced practice degree later on (and with some tuition assistance from my future employer if I'm lucky!)

    Anyway, I'm not sure if I should do a quick RN program (the local community college would allow me to complete the RN program PT in about 12 months with my transfer credits) or I can look into another RN/BSN program that might take transfer credits from my PA schooling and still allow me to work...

    Any advice, opinions, suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   HouTx
    I think you are correct in assuming that the accelerated programs will not work for you if you need to continue to work to support yourself. Based on input from nurses in your area, I would advise you to focus on attaining a BSN because opportunities are very limited for ADN grads. First things first -- get your transcripts together and talk to admissions counselors. You may find that you need to re-take some courses because science courses tend to 'expire' after ~ 5 years. Take those pre-reqs at a CC to keep costs down. With your background, you will undoubtedly be a very attractive student for most nursing programs.

    It will probably take at least 3 years to get that BSN, and then you'll have to gain a year or so of experience in order to be accepted to an NP program. So gear yourself up for at least a 5 year journey to reach your goal - but it will be an adventure.