MSN CNL program at seton hall University fall 2018

  1. Hi
    I wanna to start a thread about seton hall CNL program fall 2018.i have been accepted into the program.and just wanted to know what is the future of this program.what all courses can I do after bacoming a CNL.looking forward for the response.thanks!
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  3. by   nurses894
    Hi! I have also been accepted into the program for Fall. I have the same questions. are you from the area?
  4. by   aneesfatima315
    Hi .congragulation ! Yeah I from about you .are you joining the program?
  5. by   nurses894
    Yes I live about 20 minutes from the school. I am most likely attending, but would love to hear more about the program from a recent graduate; as far as overall cost, how they feel about the program post-graduation, etc.
  6. by   Neec1
    Hi, I was accepted as well and have so many questions. I do plan on attending and am from out of state.
  7. by   aneesfatima315
    Yes it would be great if a recent CNL graduate would write on this matter .i have seen a thread of 2016.where someone was explaining if one go with BSN then MSN it would end up costing around the same amount.most likely I would be joining too!
  8. by   aneesfatima315
    Hey congratulations! Put up some information if you know any.
  9. by   Neec1
    Thank you! Congratulations to you all as well! The only info I have is from someone who attended the school as an undergrad, but they weren't in nursing lol. I guess it doesn't help too much. Facebook has a group.
  10. by   charisma00
    HI you all. Can you please tell me the accreditation status for the school? I hear that they have lost accreditation.
  11. by   aneesfatima315
    Hey when did you hear that ?is that true?i never heard anything as such .i was told at the interview that the program will be starting at nutley campus.the one with merge with hack and sack medical center.
  12. by   Neec1
    The school is accredited. Information can be found on the CCNE website. I'm not sure where that information came from.
  13. by   charisma00
    Is there a Facebook group for this program?