Medical City - October 2018 Residency

  1. Hey guys! I just wanted to create a thread for the October 2018 Medical City Residency. I've applied for the Arlington hospital and I have an interview set up in the NICU!
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  3. by   jmartinez12
    I applied to the residencies in the Fort Worth area, but it was just a general application. How were you able to specify? I have received NOTHING whatsoever but my apps are still in review
  4. by   rk0725
    Back in May I received a text from a recruiter about my application and then we did a phone screen where she asked my unit interests and hospital preferences! Then in early June she reached out to me to set up an interview, which will be in July.
  5. by   AnaRegisteredNurse
    So I received an email and text message Friday morning about setting up a screening call. It was set up for 6:30pm. I am sitting waiting and nothing. I messaged back to see if she has forgotten about me at 7pm. Nothing. I emailed this morning just to inform her I was free to talk any time today. Nothing. Has this ever happened to someone? Where the recruiter missed a screening interview and didn't follow up after? I don't want to come off as a bother/needy or like I am begging so I haven't reached out anymore.
  6. by   love.elle
    I had a phone screen from a recruiter for medical city children's and medical city Dallas back in May. I didn't hear from her for three weeks so I emailed her and asked if interviews started and if they decided not to go forward with my application. She surprisingly responded and said some hospitals started interviewing and that sometimes they do multiple days of interviews and to check again in July!

    I emailed her again a day ago reminding her I'm still interested and I sent her an updated resume and letter of recommendations!

    I'll let you guys know if she responds!
  7. by   love.elle
    got an offer on two units at medical city Dallas. anyone else
  8. by   mommarnbsn
    I had an interview at Medical City Dallas for the oncology dept.
  9. by   EnKay1
    I had two interviews for ICU with Plano and ER with Dallas and received offers from both. Is anyone going to be in either one of those?
  10. by   NaijaNurse22
    Have you heard back from them? Do you mind providing the recruiters email? Thanks!
  11. by   ajbrowning
    Has anyone heard back from their interviews?
  12. by   gigis
    Would anyone mind sharing the email for the recruiters? I'm applying for the Feb 2019 cohort and I would really like to reach out to recruiters!